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     Dalian, a shining pearl in Northern China, in response to the clarion call of revitalizing the northeast China, becomes the pioneer important city as the leading force. The rolling hills endow this city the broad mind, and the vast sea shape this city with brave and resolute characters. In the grand symphony composed by the hills and sea, Dalian Supply and Marketing Cooperative Union (short for Dalian Supply and Marketing Cooperative), founded on Nov. 09, 1949, being as the cooperative economic organization with the entrustment of the municipal government, plays the powerful melody in organizing and leading the farmers of the city to develop commodity economy, promote the exchange of goods between urban and rural areas and serve "Farmers, Rural Areas, and Agriculture Production".

2021香港今天开码结果-2021香港合彩开彩结果-香港合彩开彩查询     Dalian Supply and Marketing Cooperative now possess 18 of wholly-owned enterprises, holding enterprises, shareholding enterprises and association members, 7 city and county level supply and marketing cooperative, 9 subsidiary companies of city and county supply and marketing cooperative, 86 basic units, 225 various kind of specialized cooperatives, 855 rural community comprehensive services, 31 trade associations, totally 2665 staffs. The total amount of whole system assets reach to 2 billion Yuan.

     After many years of reform and development, practice and innovation, Dalian Supply and Marketing Cooperative explores a road of revitalization which meets the demand of “Farmers, Rural Areas, and Agriculture Production” and the character of supply and marketing cooperative, forming seven pillar industries in beverage processing, agricultural materials supply, purchase and sales of agricultural products, fireworks and crackers operation, circulation of second-hand goods, recyclable use of renewable resources and decoration materials. With the economic strength significantly improved and the service ability enhanced remarkably, Dalian Supply and Marketing Cooperative makes active contribution for the development of agriculture, the increase of farmers’ income and the flourish of countries. In 2012, the main economic target has been rank the first for years in Liaoning supply and marketing cooperative system as well as in city listed independently in the state plan and sub-provincial capital city supply and marketing cooperatives by realizing 9.08 billion Yuan of the total sales income and 134 million Yuan of the total pre-tax profits of the whole system.

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